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The European Green Deal

Striving to be the first climate-neutral continent

The European Commission has adopted a set of proposals to make the EU's climate, energy, transport and taxation policies fit for reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels. More information on Delivering the European Green Deal.


Key figures

The first climate-neutral continent
by 2050
At least 55% less
net greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, compared to 1990 levels
3 billion
additional trees to be planted in the EU by 2030

What we are working on

Drought - Spain


Becoming the first climate neutral continent by 2050

a couple looking at energy bills


A clean and efficient energy transition



A healthy food system for people and the planet

The use of Wi-Fi and roaming in train and metro stations, and in public spaces


Providing efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transport

an employee working on a solar panel


An industrial strategy for a competitive, green and digital Europe

drawing representing people, trees and a house

New European Bauhaus

A creative and interdisciplinary initiative that connects the European Green Deal to our living spaces and experiences


  1. 22 November 2023

    The Commission proposes a new forest monitoring law that aims to improve resilience of European forests.

  2. 9 October 2023

    With the adoption of the last two proposals, the Fit for 55 package of measures to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels is now complete. The EU now has legally binding climate targets covering all key sectors of the economy.

  3. 13 July 2023

    Presentation of an initiative to enhance the circularity of the automotive sector, covering the design, production and end-of-life treatment of vehicles

  4. 11 July 2023

    Presentation of measures to make freight transport more efficient and sustainable, by improving rail infrastructure management, offering stronger incentives for low-emission lorries, and better information on freight transport greenhouse gas emissions

  5. 5 July 2023

    The Commission presents a package of measures for a sustainable use of key natural resources – to help soil resilience, increase the sustainability and resilience of our food systems, improving plant and forest reproductive material and reducing food and textile waste

  6. 16 June 2023

    Proposal for a revision of the Energy Labelling Regulation, to help consumers make informed and sustainable choices when purchasing mobile and cordless phones and tablets

  7. 26 April 2023

    The European Parliament and the Council reach a political agreement on the ReFuelEU Aviation proposal

  8. 25 April 2023

    'Fit for 55': Council adopts key pieces of legislation delivering on 2030 climate targets

  9. 25 April 2023

    EU Energy Platform: Commission launches first call for companies to jointly buy gas

  10. 28 March 2023

    Ambitious new law agreed to deploy sufficient alternative fuels infrastructure

  11. 23 March 2023

    Agreement reached on cutting maritime transport emissions by promoting sustainable fuels for shipping

  12. 22 March 2023

    Consumer protection: enabling sustainable choices and ending greenwashing

  13. 22 March 2023

    Right to repair: the Commission adopts a new proposal on common rules promoting the repair of goods

  14. 16 March 2023

    The Commission proposes the Critical Raw Materials Act

  15. 16 March 2023

    The Commission proposes the Net-Zero Industry Act

  16. 14 March 2023

    The Commission proposes reform of the EU electricity market design to boost renewables, better protect consumers and enhance industrial competitiveness

  17. 10 March 2023

    The EU agrees stronger rules to boost energy efficiency 

  18. 21 February 2023

    The Commission is presenting a package of measures to improve the sustainability and resilience of the EU's fisheries and aquaculture sector.

  19. 14 February 2023

    The Commission proposes 2030 zero-emissions target for new city buses and 90% emissions reductions for new trucks by 2040

  20. 13 February 2023

    The Commission sets out rules for renewable hydrogen

  21. 1 February 2023

    The Commission presents a Green Deal Industrial Plan to enhance the competitiveness of Europe's net-zero industry and support the fast transition to climate neutrality

  22. 24 January 2023

    Presentation of a ’A New Deal for Pollinators’ to tackle the alarming decline in wild pollinating insects in Europe

  23. 18 December 2022

    EU agrees to strengthen and expand emissions trading, and creates a Social Climate Fund to help people in the transition

  24. 9 December 2022

    New rules on applying the EU emissions trading system in the aviation sector

  25. 6 December 2022

    EU agrees law to fight global deforestation and forest degradation driven by EU production and consumption

  26. 15 November 2022
  27. 27 October 2022

    The Council and the European Parliament reach a provisional political agreement on stricter CO2 emission performance standards for new cars and vans

  28. 26 October 2022
  29. 15 September 2022

    Proposal for an emergency market intervention to reduce energy bills for Europeans

  30. 20 July 2022
  31. 18 May 2022

    REPowerEU plan: affordable, secure and sustainable energy for Europe

  32. 22 April 2022

    The European Commission joins the European Climate Pact and pledges to make its operations climate neutral by 2030

  33. 8 March 2022

    REPowerEU: Joint European action for more affordable, secure and sustainable energy

  34. 25 March 2021
  35. 18 January 2021
  36. 9 December 2020
  37. 17 September 2020

    Presentation of the 2030 Climate Target Plan

  38. 8 July 2020

    Adoption of the EU strategies for energy system integration and hydrogen to pave the way towards a fully decarbonised, more efficient and interconnected energy sector

  39. 20 May 2020

    Presentation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 to protect the fragile natural resources on our planet

    Presentation of the ‘Farm to fork strategy’ to make food systems more sustainable

  40. 11 March 2020

    Proposal of a Circular Economy Action Plan focusing on sustainable resource use

  41. 10 March 2020

    Adoption of the European Industrial Strategy, a plan for a future-ready economy

  42. 4 March 2020

    Proposal for a European climate law to ensure a climate neutral European Union by 2050

    Public consultation (open until 17 June 2020) on the European Climate Pact bringing together regions, local communities, civil society, businesses and schools

  43. 14 January 2020
  44. 11 December 2019

    Presentation of the European Green Deal



15 JANUARY 2020
Communication and roadmap on the European Green Deal
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