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Petitsioon Euroopa Liidule

Mis tahes ELis elav üksikisik või seal asuv organisatsioon võib ELile esitada petitsiooni probleemi kohta, mis on seotud ELi poliitika või õigusaktidega. Uurige, kuidas petitsiooni koostada ja esitada.

When to submit a petition

You can ask the European Parliament to look into an issue that affects you, or complain about how an EU law is being applied. This is called a petition.

The European Parliament will look into the issue and will write back to you with its findings.

Who can start a petition?

  • any EU citizen
  • anyone living in an EU country
  • any company, organisation or association with its headquarters in an EU country

Your petition must concern one of the EU’s policy areas.

You can submit your petition individually, or as a group. There is no minimum number of signatures.

How to create or sign a petition

Before you start a petition, check your issue isn’t already covered by an existing petition.

You can create a petition in 2 ways:

  1. Online

Register on the petitions portal and follow the instructions.

2. By post

You can also send your petition by post. There is no form to fill in – but you must include your:

  • name
  • nationality
  • address
  • signature


Send your petition to:

Chair of the Petitions Committee

Postal address: European Parliament, 1047 Brussels, Belgium