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Equal Pay Day

15 November 2022 marks the EU’s Equal Pay Day. 12 EU countries have also established a national Equal Pay Day.

What is the European Equal Pay Day?

In the EU, in 2021 women are hourly paid 12.7% less than men on average. This equals almost two months of salary. This is why the European Commission marks 10 November as a symbolic day to raise awareness that female workers in Europe still earn on average less than their male colleagues.

The Equal Pay Day in other countries

12 EU countries (Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czechia, Germany, Estonia, France, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Portugal, Spain and Sweden) organise and have organised an Equal Pay Day according to the respective Pay Gap in their country. Various awareness-raising activities are arranged to show the negative effect of the gender pay gap. Such activities involve equal pay actions organised by trade unions, public debates, seminars and press conferences.