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The Just Transition Mechanism: making sure no one is left behind


The Just Transition Mechanism (JTM) is a key tool to ensure that the transition towards a climate-neutral economy happens in a fair way, leaving no one behind. It provides targeted support to help mobilise around €55 billion over the period 2021-2027 in the most affected regions, to alleviate the socio-economic impact of the transition.

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We must show solidarity with the most affected regions in Europe, such as coal mining regions and others, to make sure the Green Deal gets everyone’s full support and has a chance to become a reality.

Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission


The Just Transition Mechanism addresses the social and economic effects of the transition, focusing on the regions, industries and workers who will face the greatest challenges, through three pillars:


A new Just Transition Fund

of €19.2 billion in current prices, is expected to mobilise around EUR €25.4 billion in investments.


InvestEU "Just Transition" scheme

will provide a budgetary guarantee under the InvestEU programme across the four policy windows and an InvestEU Advisory Hub that will act as a central entry point for advisory support requests. It is expected to mobilise €10-15 billion in mostly private sector investments.


A new Public Sector Loan Facility

will combine €1.5 billion of grants financed from the EU budget with €10 billion of loans from the European Investment Bank, to mobilise €18.5 billion of public investment.

Just Transition Fund

Territorial just transition plans define the territories in which the Just Transition Fund will be used. The identification of these territories is carried out through a dialogue with the Commission. These plans set out the challenges in each territory, as well as the development needs and objectives to be met by 2030. They identify the types of operations envisaged and specify governance mechanisms. The approval of the territorial just transition plans opens the doors to dedicated financing under the other two pillars of the Just Transition Mechanism.

Just Transition Platform

The Just Transition Platform assists EU countries and regions with the just transition. It consists of a single access point and helpdesk. It provides comprehensive technical and advisory support. Authorities and beneficiaries can access it to find all they need to know about the funds, including opportunities, relevant regulatory updates or sector specific initiatives. The Platform also promotes actively the exchange of best practices among all stakeholders involved, including through regular physical and virtual gatherings.

If you have an enquiry about the Just Transition Mechanism/Fund/Platform, please fill the contact form.

Just Transition Platform

Who will benefit?

Support will be available to all Member States, focused on regions that are the most carbon-intensive or with the most people working in fossil fuels. Member States can get access by preparing territorial just transition plans that cover the period up to 2030, identifying the territories that should get the most support. The plans should also set out ways to best address social, economic and environmental challenges.


People and citizens, most vulnerable to the transition
The Just Transition Mechanism will protect them by

  • facilitating employment opportunities in new sectors and those in transition
  • offering re-skilling opportunities
  • improving energy-efficient housing
  • investing to fight energy poverty
  • facilitating access to clean, affordable and secure energy

Companies and sectors, active in or comprising carbon-intensive industries
The Just Transition Mechanism will protect them by

  • supporting the transition to low-carbon technologies and economic diversification based on climate-resilient investments and jobs
  • creating attractive conditions for public and private investors
  • providing easier access to loans and financial support
  • investing in the creation of new firms, SMEs and start-ups
  • investing in research and innovation activities

Member States and regions, with high dependence on fossil fuel and carbon-intensive industries
The Just Transition Mechanism will protect them by

  • supporting the transition to low-carbon and climate-resilient activities
  • creating new jobs in the green economy
  • investing in public and sustainable transport
  • providing technical assistance
  • investing in renewable energy sources
  • improving digital connectivity
  • providing affordable loans to local public authorities
  • improving energy infrastructure, district heating and transportation networks.