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An economy that works for people

Ensuring social fairness and prosperity



Key figures

€800 billion
invested in NextGenerationEU recovery plan
6 million
jobs created in the EU in 2021
of all adults to participate in training every year by 2030

What we are working on

EU energy labels (family)

New Consumer Agenda

Empowering European consumers to play an active role in the green and digital transitions


  1. 25 January 2023

    Presentation of an initiative to further strengthen and promote social dialogue at national and EU level.

  2. 7 December 2022

    Capital Markets Union: new proposals on clearing, corporate insolvency and company listing to make EU capital markets more attractive

  3. 22 November 2022

    Economic policy coordination: Commission sets out guidance to help tackle the energy crisis and make Europe greener and more digital


Policy areas

State aid

Ensuring that state-owned resources are not deployed to distort competition in the single market

Financial services

Preserving financial stability in the EU, by protecting savers and investors