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Banking and financial services

The EU has adopted a series of reforms to secure financial stability and improve the supervision of financial markets.


Capital markets union

The capital markets union will create a more integrated capital market in the EU, and a more diversified financial system, unlocking capital in Europe.

Banking union

The ECB is now the central prudential bank supervisor in the Eurozone. A newly introduced mechanism will ensure the orderly resolution of failing banks.

Consumer finance and payments

The Commission wants to deepen the EU single market for retail financial services and payments and make it work better for consumers and investors.

Financial markets

Better governance of financial instruments, trade in securities and investment funds and legislation to make post-trade services safer and more efficient.

Company reporting

Companies operating in the EU should disclose certain information about their finances and how they operate in reports for transparency purposes.

Sustainable finance

The Commission wants to boost the role of finance in achieving a greener and more sustainable economy.

Digital finance

New financial technologies (FinTech) can facilitate access to financial services and improve the efficiency of the financial system.