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Start cooperating with another school or educational institution

Educational institutions of all levels can work together through EU programmes and online platforms.


The European Commission offers several opportunities for educational institutions of all levels by

  • supporting online platforms where educational institutions and teaching staff can collaborate
  • offering exchange activities for students and educational staff

Erasmus+ projects

For educational institutions and other organisations, Erasmus+ offers the opportunity to

  • engage in development and networking activities
  • create partnerships with organisations from other countries, in order to achieve innovative results or exchange best practices
  • facilitate international exchange opportunities for students, staff, trainees, apprentices, volunteers, youth workers and young people

Online community for schools

eTwinning offers a platform for schools and their staff (teachers, head teachers, librarians, etc.) to communicate, collaborate, develop projects and share ideas.

Online community for adult learning

EPALE is a multilingual open membership community on adult learning. It is open to teachers and anyone else with a professional role in adult learning across Europe.

Cooperation in vocational education and training

The Erasmus+ programme also offers exchange opportunities in vocational education and training. Additionally, the programme supports further international cooperation for institutions with a good track record of holding these exchanges

Find partner organisations for educational projects

EU educational funds often involve collaboration with partner organisations.

If you are an organisation interested in applying for a fund, find funding partners for your educational project.