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Promoting our European way of life

Protecting our citizens and our values



Key figures

€4 billion
for implementing Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan
€5.5 billion
in savings for the EU over 10 years from better access and exchange of health data
3.5 million people
crossing between Schengen States every day

What we are working on

Coronavirus - First vaccinations, Finland

European Health Union

Protecting the health of Europeans and collectively responding to cross-border health crises

Police car in front of a government building

European Security Union

Protecting our citizens and addressing security challenges facing our society and our democracy

Old men doing physiotherapy

European Care Strategy

Ensuring affordable and accessible care services and improving the situation of both care receivers and carers


  1. 13 December 2022
  2. 7 September 2022
  3. 30 September 2020



Policy areas

Education and training

Supporting education in Europe through various initiatives and offering a forum for cooperation in areas such as school policy, vocational training, higher education and adult learning

Mental health

Developing a comprehensive approach to mental health and addressing challenges, through the Healthier Together Initiative and implementation of high-impact actions, from proactive prevention to social inclusion

Fundamental rights

Fighting discrimination and promoting gender equality, particularly by safeguarding the rule of law and fundamental rights

Judicial cooperation

Tackling crimes such as human trafficking, smuggling and corruption; creating a European area of justice by linking the different national legal systems

Rule of law

Rule of law guarantees fundamental rights and values, allows the application of EU law, and supports an investment-friendly business environment

Protecting children against sexual abuse

The fight against child sexual abuse is a priority for the EU, with a corresponding EU strategy for the period 2020-2025 in place which sets out a comprehensive response to the growing offline and online threats, by improving prevention, investigation, and assistance to victims