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Affari esteri e politica di sicurezza

La Commissione europea partecipa attivamente alle operazioni di mantenimento della pace, alle attività diplomatiche, al commercio e agli aiuti allo sviluppo in tutto il mondo. E attraverso la politica europea di vicinato promuove la cooperazione con i paesi vicini alle sue frontiere.

International climate action

The EU supports the UN's efforts on a new climate agreement and gives substantial funding to developing countries facing the effects of climate change.

International gender equality

International cooperation sets gender equality as one of the priority areas to improve living conditions of women and children around the world.

International human rights

Human rights are defended by political dialogue with countries, aid, development policy and participation in multilateral forums like the United Nations.

Accessing markets

Accessing markets outside the EU is crucial for jobs and growth within the EU. The EU works to keep markets open, and trade flowing and fair.

Support for global security

The EU carries out civilian and military missions worldwide under the common security and defence policy (CSDP).


Through political, logistic and economic support, the EU has played a crucial role in building peace in locations around the world.