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Common Provisions Regulation

The single rulebook of EU funds jointly delivered with member states and regions

A common provisions regulation is established to govern 8 EU funds whose delivery is shared with Member States and regions. Together, they represent a third of the EU budget.

The largest share of this budget is allocated to 5 common policy objectives:

  1. a more competitive and smarter Europe by promoting innovative and smart economic transformation and regional ICT connectivity;
  2. a greener, low-carbon transitioning towards a net zero carbon economy and resilient Europe by promoting clean and fair energy transition, green and blue investment, the circular economy, climate change mitigation and adaptation, risk prevention and management, and sustainable urban mobility;
  3. a more connected Europe by enhancing mobility;
  4. a more social and inclusive Europe implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights;
  5. a Europe closer to citizens by fostering the sustainable and integrated development of all types of territories and local initiatives.

Each fund has specific objectives defined in their respective Fund-specific regulations.

The 8 funds covered by this common regulation are: