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List of persons or entities excluded from contracts financed by the EU budget, among others, on the grounds of grave professional misconduct, fraud, corruption and other criminal activities, or significant deficiencies in complying with their main co

List of economic operators excluded or subject to financial penalty

The economic operators listed below have been excluded from participation in EU procurement procedures, grant award procedures, prizes procedures, financial instruments and procedures for selection of experts or any other form of contribution from the EU budget for the periods mentioned and/or have been imposed a financial penalty. Therefore, they cannot be awarded any contract financed by the EU budget.
Please note that the list below concerns only the cases for which a decision was taken to publish in order to, where necessary, reinforce the deterrent effect of the sanctions. Other cases of exclusions and financial penalty are listed in the Commission's database (EDES-DB) which is only accessible to authorised users involved in the implementation of the EU budget.
The publication of the administrative sanctions is subject to a decision of the authorising officer responsible and concerns the exclusion situations listed under Articles 136(1) (c) to (h) of the Financial Regulation, which are:

  • grave professional misconduct;
  • fraud, corruption, participation in a criminal organisation, money laundering or terrorist financing, terrorist-related offences or offences linked to terrorist activities;
  • significant deficiencies in complying with main obligations in the performance of a contract financed by the budget;
  • irregularity;
  • creation of an entity circumventing fiscal, social obligations;
  • circumvention of fiscal, social obligations by an entity.

The decision to publish is taken in compliance with the criteria of the proportionality principle (seriousness of the situation, including the impact on the Union's financial interests and image, the time which has elapsed since the relevant conduct, its duration and its recurrence, the intention or degree of negligence, the limited amount at stake) and in line with the protection of personal data. See Article 136(3) of the Financial Regulation.
In the case of an exclusion, the information published shall be removed as soon as the exclusion has come to an end. In the case of a financial penalty, the publication shall be removed six months after payment of that penalty. See Article 140 of the Financial Regulation.