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50 years of consumer legislation

We mark 50 years of protecting and empowering European citizens through EU consumer rights.

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50 years of Consumer Law

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For the past 50 years, EU consumer rights have been protecting and empowering Europeans everywhere. Starting from the premise that people should be protected when using goods or services, over the past five decades the EU has put in place a robust set of policies and rules to ensure strong rights for consumers.

Each of these policies and rules are built from a foundation of five core consumer rights:

  1. The right to health protection and safety
  2. The right to protection of economic interests
  3. The right to damages
  4. The right to information and education
  5. The right to representation

2022 marks the 50-year anniversary of the consumer protection story. We celebrate this story, not as a history lesson or a policy briefing, but by highlighting achievements past, present, and even future.

Read The New Consumer Magazine – 50th Anniversary Special edition

Enjoy a good read on consumer protection: from feature articles on key consumer legislation, to interviews with experts, from insights from consumers to future plans and many more. Don’t hesitate to browse the special edition magazine and discover the story of your consumer rights.

The New Consumer Magazine – 50th Anniversary Special edition
Vispārīgas publikācijas2022. gada 15. decembris
The New Consumer Magazine – 50th Anniversary Special edition


Watch 50 Years of EU Consumer Rights: A festive online celebration

One-hour dynamic format with dynamic interviews with experts and policymakers, quizzes and interventions from consumers on key consumer topics.