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Visiting other EU institutions, bodies and agencies

Brussels, Belgium

European Parliament

Members of the European Parliament have their main offices in Brussels, where you will find the European Parliament and the Parlamentarium

European Council and Council of the EU

Explore the visitors' centre to learn about the Council's work and about the EU as a whole. Arrange an individual or group visit, or request a presentation on a specific topic.
Visit the European Council and Council of the EU 

European Committee of the Regions

Information visits provide an introduction and the role of the regions in shaping the content of European Union legislation.
Visit the European Committee of the Regions

European Economic and Social Committee

Find out about the role in the decision-making process of the European Union. 
Visit the European Economic and Social Committee 

Strasbourg, France

European Parliament

Most of the plenary sessions are held in Strasbourg, home of the Hemicycle (horseshoe-shaped debating chamber) and the parlamentarium Simon Veil.
Visit the European Parliament Hemicycle 


European Parliament

Luxembourg hosts parts of the administration, where the European Parliament’s first purpose-built hemicycle is based.
 Visit the European Parliament 

Court of Justice of the European Union

Attend a public hearing at the Court of Justice or the General Court or take a guided tour of the buildings and the works of art. 
Visit the Court of Justice of the European Union 

European Court of Auditors (ECA)

Visits involve a presentation by an ECA official on the role and workings of the institution, followed by a discussion.
Visit the European Court of Auditors 

Frankfurt, Germany

European Central Bank

Specialised guided tours are provided on the building’s history, art collection and architecture.
Visit the European Central Bank