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About the directive

The EU rules cover pre-arranged package holidays, but also self-customised packages, where the traveller chooses different elements from a single point of sale online or offline. Furthermore, these rules provide certain protection for linked travel arrangements, which is when for example the traveller books a flight on a website and is then invited to book a hotel on a different website.

Package Travel Directive

28 JUNI 2018
Factsheet - stronger EU protection for package holidays
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Report on the application

The Commission published a report on the application of the Package Travel Directive on 1 March 2021.

The report takes stock of the experience gained with the application of the Package Travel Directive since its entry into application in July 2018. It presents preliminary results of the assessment of national measures transposing the Directive. It also assesses the rules in the context of the 2019 Thomas Cook bankruptcy and the challenges that have since emerged during the COVID-19 crisis.

Guidance on travel in the Coronavirus crisis

The Commission issued guidance on 13 May 2020 on how to safely resume travel and reboot Europe's tourism, following the effects of COVID-19, including a recommendation on vouchers offered to passengers and travellers. The information is available in the section on Travel and Transport of the EU Coronavirus response page. 

13 MAI 2020
EMPFEHLUNG zu Gutscheinen für Passagiere und Reisende als Alternative zur Rückerstattung von Zahlungen für annullierte Pauschalreisen und Beförderungsdienstleistungen im Kontext der COVID-19-Pandemie
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19 MÄRZ 2020
Information on the package travel directive in connection with COVID-19
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Click-through Report

A first report on the provisions of the PTD was published on 21 June 2019. It was required by Article 26 (1) of the Directive and provides an early assessment of the provisions applying to online bookings made at different points of sale and the qualification of such bookings as packages, linked travel arrangements or stand-alone travel services.

A stakeholders’ expert group created in July 2018 to support the application of the PTD as well as a targeted consultation, where more than 200 replies were collected, form the basis of the report, as detailed in the Staff Working Document accompanying it.

Package Travel Directive Click-Through Report (COM/2019/270)

Click-Through Report ANNEX (SWD/2019/270)


Contents of the directive

  • Clear information for travellers: Businesses must inform travellers whether they are offered a package or linked travel arrangement, and on their key rights through standardised information forms. They must provide clear information on the features and characteristics of the package, its price and any additional charges. 
  • Money-back and repatriation in case of bankruptcy: Organisers of packages must take out insolvency protection. This guarantee covers refunds and repatriation in case organisers go bankrupt.  This guarantee applies also to linked travel arrangements. 
  • Clear rules on liability: The organiser of the package, is liable if something goes wrong, no matter who performs the travel services. 
  • Strong cancellation rights: With the new rules, travellers may cancel their package holiday for any reason by paying a reasonable fee. They may cancel their holiday, free of charge should their destination become dangerous for example because of war or natural disasters, or if the package price is raised over 8% of the original price.
  • Accommodation if the return journey cannot be carried out: Where travellers cannot return from their package holidays, for instance in the case of natural disasters, travellers are granted accommodation for up to three nights if they cannot return from their holiday on time. Additional nights are covered in line with the relevant passenger rights regulations. 
  • Assistance to travellers: The package organiser must also provide assistance to travellers in difficulty, in particular, by providing information on health services and consular assistance. 


The rules apply to combinations of at least two types of travel services (transport, accommodation, car rental or other services, for example guided tours) including:

  • packages, such as  ready-made holidays from a tour operator as well as now also customised selection of components by the traveller bought from a single online or offline point of sale;
  • linked travel arrangements, for instance, when  the traveller purchases travel services at one point of sale, but through separate booking processes, or, after having booked one travel service on one website, is invited to book another service on a different website, provided that the second booking is made within 24 hours. 


The new rules are applicable in all EU countries from 1 July 2018.

Package Travel or not?

Consumers and experts can find out whether a booking is a package, linked travel arrangement, or single booking with the help of this graphic.

Flowchart: Package Travel or not?




21 JUNI 2019
Report: Package Travel Directive Click-Through Report 2019
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1 MÄRZ 2021
Report on the application of Directive (EU) 2015/2302 on package travel and linked travel arrangements
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