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Rules and principles

The rules and principles governing EU funding are designed to ensure that everyone has equal access to funding and that funds are properly spent.

Transparent procedures for all

Whether you are applying for a grant managed by the European Commission or by a national managing authority, or taking part in a call for tender, you are entitled to equal treatment and access to information.

Transparent procedures mean that calls for proposals are published on the European Commission’s website. The same principle of transparency applies to EU funds managed at the national or regional level.

The Commission’s calls for tender are published on its website, in the supplement to the EU Official Journal and in the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) database.

Information about the beneficiaries of EU funding managed directly by the European Commission (names and amounts received) is published in the financial transparency system (FTS).

For funding managed by EU countries, publication of the names of beneficiary organisations is also mandatory. This includes funding provided under the common agricultural policy, maritime and fisheries policy and the structural and investment funds. EU countries publish this information on their national websites.

  • Regulation

EU Financial Regulation

The Financial Regulation is the main point of reference for principles and procedures governing establishment, implementation and control of the EU budget.


Protecting EU interests

The EDES is the system established by the Commission to reinforce the protection of the Union's financial interests and to ensure sound financial management. It replaces the Early Warning System and the Central Exclusion Database as of 1 January 2016.