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The EU's common agricultural policy (CAP) ensures food security for citizens, affordable products and a sustainable management of natural resources.

The Commission wants to ensure that banks and financial markets are properly regulated and supervised, for stability, competitiveness and transparency.

Defending the EU's external borders and fighting organised crime are activities coordinated at EU level by agencies like Frontex and Europol.

DG Budget allocates EU funds, to allow implementation of EU policies and ensure the sound financial management of Commission services and institutions.

EU industrial policy aims to increase the share of manufacturing in GDP. Small business and entrepreneurship ensure economic growth, innovation and jobs.

The EU wants to cut its greenhouse gas emissions and protect the ozone layer. It is also addressing the unavoidable impacts of a changing climate.

The EU applies competition law to businesses that operate within the EU and internationally, to protect consumers and foster competition.

Maximising consumer participation and trust in the market and safeguarding and integrating into EU policies the interests of consumers.

Find funding opportunities in the culture, media and communication fields

The customs and taxation union of the EU covers the movement of goods across borders, security, online business, international agreements and more.