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Defending your individual rights

Your EU rights

As a national of an EU country – or Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway – you have certain rights when living or studying in other European countries.

In some cases, the EU can help if you have problems asserting these rights in practice.

In many cases, the best place to get help is from national bodies, rather than the EU.

Problems with a public authority in another EU country

  • social security rights (family benefits, urgent healthcare, pensions, ...)
  • your residence rights or those of your non-EU relative
  • recognising your professional qualifications
  • vehicle registration
  • driving licences

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Consumer rights

Buying goods or services in the country where you are living

Buying goods or services in another EU country

Out of court dispute with a financial service

Out of court dispute about goods bought online

Making or receiving payments abroad in the EU


Race or ethnicity, religion or belief, disability, age, sex or sexual orientation


Unfair treatment by an EU body

Complain or get information from the EU Ombudsman

Consular assistance

  • passport lost or stolen
  • serious accident, illness or death
  • violent crime
  • arrest or detention
  • emergency relief or repatriation

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