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Shaping Europe's digital future

The digital transition should work for all, putting people first and opening new opportunities for business. Digital solutions are also key to fighting climate change and achieving the green transition.

Digital solutions that put people first

These digital solutions will

  • open up new opportunities for businesses
  • encourage the development of trustworthy technology
  • foster an open and democratic society
  • enable a vibrant and sustainable economy
  • help fight climate change and achieve the green transition

Three pillars to support our approach

The European approach will be based on three main pillars to ensure that Europe seizes the  opportunity and gives its citizens, businesses and governments control over the digital transformation.

Technology that works for the people

The EU's digital strategy will

  • invest in digital skills for all Europeans
  • protect people from cyber threats (hacking, ransomware, identity theft)
  • ensure Artificial Intelligence is developed in ways that respect people’s rights and earn their trust
  • accelerate the roll-out of ultra-fast broadband for homes, schools and hospitals throughout the EU
  • expand Europe’s super-computing capacity to develop innovative solutions for medicine, transport and the environment

A fair and competitive digital economy

The EU's digital strategy will

  • enable a vibrant community of innovative and fast growing start-ups and small businesses to access finance and to expand
  • strengthen the responsibility of online platforms by proposing a Digital Services Act
    and clarifying rules for online services
  • make sure that EU rules are fit for the digital economy
  • ensure fair competition of all companies  in Europe
  • increase access to high-quality data while ensuring that personal and sensitive data is safeguarded

An open, democratic and sustainable society

The EU’s digital strategy will

  • use technology to help Europe become climate-neutral by 2050
  • reduce the digital sector’s carbon emissions
  • give citizens more control and protection of their data
  • create a "European health data space" to foster targeted research, diagnosis and treatment
  • fight disinformation online and foster diverse and reliable media content

Europe as a global leader

The European Union will

  • aim to become a global role model for the digital economy
  • support developing economies in going digital
  • develop digital standards and promote them internationally

Benefits of the EU’s digital strategy

The EU’s digital strategy will benefit European citizens, businesses and the environment.


by empowering them to start, grow, innovate and compete on fair terms


by reaching climate neutrality with the help of digital technologies


19 FEBRUARY 2020
Communication: Shaping Europe’s digital future
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19 FEBRUARY 2020
Factsheet: Shaping Europe’s Digital Future
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