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Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights policy, protection of copyright and trademarks, advice for rights holders, fighting piracy, international trade policy. 

IPR and copyright protection

How to comply with intellectual property rights rules, how to apply for European and national trademarks or patents, protection against counterfeiting.

Protect your intellectual property

Legal advice and support on IPR issues for small businesses in Europe. Advice for EU businesses working in Latin America, south-east Asia and China.

Intellectual property right helpdesk - in the EU

Intellectual property right helpdesk - beyond the EU

Copyright protection in the digital single market, the EU's role in protecting the rights of copyright holders.

The EU's copyright policy

How European business can access and use IPR more effectively, the EU's IPR strategy.

The EU's intellectual property policy

Fighting global counterfeiting

The role of EU customs in combatting counterfeiting, EU legislation and action plans in preventing IPR infringements, statistics on IPR infringements.

Counterfeit, piracy: defend your rights

IPR in the EU's trade policy, strengthening and enforcing IPR in international trade deals, protecting European IPR rights globally.

EU trade policy and intellectual property