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Amending letter No 1/2022


Publication date
12 October 2021
Related department
Directorate-General for Budget


Amending Letter No 1 (AL 1/2022) to the draft budget for the year 2022 (DB 2022) covers the following elements:

  • introducing the 2022 appropriations for the pre-financing of the Brexit Adjustment Reserve, following the entry into force of the BAR Regulation in October 2021;
  • continued support to refugees from the Syria conflict and beyond and host communities in Türkiye, Jordan, Lebanon and other parts of the region within the context of the EU’s overall migration policy;
  • update of the estimated needs, assigned revenue and appropriations for agricultural expenditure. In addition to changing market factors, AL 1/2022 also incorporates the impact of decisions in the agricultural sector since the DB 2022 was adopted in July 2021, as well as other proposals expected to have a significant effect during the budget year;
  • update of the estimated needs for the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreements (SFPAs), taking into account the entry into force of new protocols, in particular with Gabon, Mauritania and Cook Islands;
  • adjustment of the level of payment appropriations following delays in the adoption of the basis act and the work programmes of the Digital Europe Programme;
  • update of the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA III) contribution to Erasmus+;
  • adjustments to the level of appropriations and/or staff of some decentralised agencies (EASA, ACER, EIOPA, ECDC, EMA, EASO and eu-LISA) and the EPPO taking into account the latest legislative or political developments on their operations for 2022;
  • adjustments to the grading of staff of the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA);
  • adjustments to the heading 7 “European Public Administration”, including the treatment of the UK contribution to the staff pensions as assigned revenue for pension expenditure and some adaptations of establishment plans;
  • update of the revenue side of the budget, in particular as regards the forecast for the own resource based on non-recycled plastic packaging waste, the revised UK contribution and the European Coal and Steel Community contribution; and
  • adjustments to the budgetary nomenclature and the budget remarks in particular following the adoption of draft amending budget No°6/2021.

Overall, the net impact of AL 1/2022 on expenditure in the DB 2022 is an increase of EUR 1 243,3 million in commitment appropriations and an increase of EUR 1 231,7 million in payment appropriations.


12 OCTOBER 2021
Amending letter No. 1 – COM(2021) 642
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12 OCTOBER 2021
Amending letter No. 1/2022 –– Annex
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