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Tender opportunities - agriculture and rural development

Find open, closed and award calls for tenders in agriculture and rural development.

Calls for tenders

The department for agriculture and rural development uses public contracts to buy services, such as studies, technical assistance and training, consultancy, conference and publicity services. The providers are selected via calls for tender.

Open calls for tenders

Find all open calls for tenders from the department for agriculture and rural development on eTendering

Prior information notice

Contract for networking activities in support of the common agricultural policy

Low-value contracts

13 FEBRUARY 2020
2020: Ex-ante publicity for low-value contracts above €15000
(34.57 KB - PDF)
29 APRIL 2020
2020: Ex-ante publicity for low-value contracts between €15 000 and €139 000
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Closed calls for tenders

Find closed calls for tenders from 2016 from the department for agriculture and rural development on eTendering

Contract award notices


22869-2020 – Evaluation of intellectual property rights through EU geographical indication schemes PDO/PGI/GI

22870-2020 – Impact of imports on EU agri-food value chain

22872-2020 – Prep Action Smart villages


432537-2019 – Evaluation of mandatory indication of country of origin labelling for certain meats


024621-2018 – Belgium-Brussels: Framework contract for the evaluation studies of CAP measures contributing to the general objectives of balanced territorial development

024623-2018 – Belgium-Brussels: Pilot project: Analysis of the best ways for producer organisations (POs) to be formed, carry out their activities and be supported

024624-2018 – Belgium-Brussels: Pilot project: Smart eco-social villages

024625-2018 – Belgium-Brussels: Evaluation study of the instruments applicable to State aid in the agricultural and forestry sectors and in rural areas

024627-2018 – Belgium-Brussels: Analysis of administrative burden arising from the CAP

024628-2018 – Belgium-Brussels: Study on progress in implementing the EU Forest Strategy

024629-2018 – Belgium-Brussels: Pilot project: "Improving crisis prevention and management criteria and strategies in the agricultural sector"

024631-2018 – Belgium-Brussels: Pilot project: Restructuring the honey bee chain and Varroa resistance breeding and selection programme