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EU debt securities data

See below an overview of the past EU-Bond and EU-Bills transactions as well as information on amounts outstanding and eligibility for quoting.

How to use

Click on the "Transactions Data" tab for an overview of all EU transactions since June 2020, the "EU-Bonds/Bills Outstanding" tab for an overview of all outstanding EU-Bonds and Bills, or the “EU debt securities eligible for quoting” tab as of the date indicated in grey at the bottom of the display.

You can use the filters in the lower bar (e.g. ISIN, Instrument, Maturity) to narrow the display to the range of transactions or bonds and bills of interest to you.

Your current selection of filters is listed in the upper bar. To modify a filter you have selected, click on the filter in the upper bar and adjust your selection using the dropbox that appears.

To remove a filter, click the "x" icon next to the filter in the upper bar. To undo, redo or clear all selected filters, use the icons to the left of the filters you have selected in the upper bar.

Depending on your current selection of filters, some filters in the lower bar may have options which are unavailable. If this is the case, the unavailable options will appear in grey in the dropbox that appears after the filter is selected.

Any selection of data in the display can be downloaded by clicking on the button "Download the selected data" above the display.

Further information on EU issuance

To find out more about the EU's evolution as an issuer and its unified funding approach, you can consult the How EU issuance works section.

A comprehensive overview of all policy programmes supported by EU issuances is available in Policy programmes funded by EU issuances.

More information on the EU's latest 6-month funding plan can be found in Funding plans.

A detailed overview of how EU issuances are backed is provided in the EU credit strength section.

Detailed information on the quoting arrangements is available in the Primary Dealer Network section.

For regular updates on the EU's borrowing and lending activities you can subscribe to our quarterly investor newsletter. Our investor presentation also provides a consolidated overview of our funding operations.