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Investment Plan for Agriculture


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Publication date
22 July 2016


Examples of projects and activities supported

Dairy Production “Les Maitres Laitiers du Cotentin” (France)

Diversification of products, optimisation of production costs, capacity increase and augmentation of the share of products with longer shelf life, including options for counterbalancing the short-term variations between the fresh milk supply and fresh dairy product demand in the local markets.

- EIB financing under EFSI: EUR 55 million (44 % of the total investment related to EFSI or 47 % of project cost).

Guarantee Fund for agricultural SMEs (Germany) Under the SME Window of EFSI, a EUR 200 million counter-guarantee was provided to a pool of 16 Guarantee Banks in Germany. The guarantees will cover 60 % of the risk on loans targeted at SMEs in the agricultural sector.