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Programme for the Environment and Climate Action (LIFE)

About the programme

The LIFE programme aims to 

  • facilitate the shift towards a sustainable, circular, energy-efficient, renewable energy-based, climate-neutral and resilient economy
  • protect, restore and improve the quality of the environment, including the air, water and soil
  • halt and reverse biodiversity loss
  • tackle the degradation of ecosystems

The financial envelope of the LIFE Programme is implemented via four sub-programmes:

  • Nature and Biodiversity
  • Circular Economy and Quality of Life
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Clean Energy Transition

The programme supports demonstration, best practice, coordination and support actions, capacity building, and governance projects.

This includes large scale Strategic Integrated Projects and Strategic Nature projects, which support the implementation of environmental and climate plans, as well as programmes and strategies developed at regional, multi-regional or national level.

Programme website

Funding opportunities

Calls for proposal

Open and upcoming calls for proposal under LIFE.

Who is eligible

Learn more about the types of opportunities available through this programme, and who can apply.

Budget and performance

Includes performance highlights, key performance indicators, and the performance framework and assessment.

Programme performance webpage

Programme features

Programme duration


Lead Directorate-General
Predecessor programme

Programme for the Environment and Climate Action (LIFE)

Management mode

Direct and indirect management

MFF heading

Natural Resources and Environment


Environment and Climate Action

Climate contribution

61% ((target)

Total budget 2021-2027

€ 5.43 billion () (current prices)

Relevant regulation