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Overseas Countries and Territories

About the programme

The programme aims to promote the economic and social development of the EU’s 13 Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs), to increase their resilience and competitiveness, and to reduce their economic and environmental vulnerability.

The bulk of the funding will support actions in areas of mutual interest to OCTs and the EU – green, digital, sustainable growth and human development. EU funds will also support OCTs in building their capacities, and promoting OCTs’ cooperation with their regional partners.

Types of actions supported are determined in a programming exercise consulted with the OCTs, for instance:

  • In Greenland, EU budget support helped implement education sector reforms, leading to increased education levels and resulting in better prospects for pupils and students.
  • The Caribbean and Pacific regional programmes help address sustainable energy, marine biodiversity, resilience and climate change challenges.

Programme website

Budget and performance

Includes performance highlights, key performance indicators, and the performance framework and assessment.

Programme performance webpage

Programme features

Programme duration


Lead Directorate-General
Predecessor programme


Management mode

Direct and indirect management

MFF heading

Neighbourhood and the World


External Action

Climate contribution

20% ((target)

Total budget 2021-2027

€ 500 million ((current prices)