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Euratom Research and Training Programme

About the programme

The Euratom Research and Training Programme (2021-2025) pursues the following key research activities through direct and indirect actions:

  • nuclear safety
  • security
  • radioactive waste
  • spent fuel management
  • radiation protection
  • fusion energy

The programme also expands research into non-power applications of ionising radiation.

The Euratom Programme puts a strong emphasis on developing nuclear skills and competence. It will make improvements in areas of education, training, and access to research infrastructures. This will allow Europe to maintain world leadership in nuclear safety and waste management and to attain the highest level of protection from radiation.

Furthermore, the programme supports the mobility of researchers in the nuclear field in the framework of Horizon Europe's Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA).

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Funding opportunities

How to apply

Learn how to propose a project, and how the project selection process works.

Who is eligible

Learn more about the types of opportunities available through this programme, and who can apply.

Budget and performance

Includes performance highlights, key performance indicators, and the performance framework and assessment.

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Programme features

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Direct and indirect management

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Single Market, Innovation and Digital


Research and Innovation

Climate contribution

No target set in the legal basis () 

Total budget 2021-2027

€ 1.98 billion () (current prices)

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