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EU product requirements

Rules for EU product safety standards, health and environmental standards, sector-specific standards, standards in international trade. 

EU product standards

How to comply with voluntary standards, European standards organisations, national standardisation bodies, search for sector-specific standards.

Standards in Europe

European Commission and industry actions in creating standards in products and services, European standards organisations, database of rules covering European standards. 

European standards

EU rules on CE markings for different sectors, how to get a CE marking, rules and standards for importers and distributors.

CE marking

Information on CE marking in EU countries, how to reproduce the CE mark.

CE mark in Europe

Rules on standards for products that are not subject to EU harmonisation, product groups covered by the mutual recognition principle, national contact points.

Mutual recognition principle

The EU's mutual recognition principle, European Commission guidance documents on mutual recognition, database of affected products, national contact points.

Mutual recognition regulations

EU rules on eco-design, energy efficient products, products covered by eco-design requirements, different types of eco-design requirement, national contact points in charge of eco-design rules.


Chemical safety

How to comply with EU chemical legislation, how the REACH directive applies to your business, how the directive works, the work of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Requirements for the use of chemicals  (REACH)

How to comply with the EU's classification, labelling and packaging regulation, how to classify chemicals, submitting a substance to the classification and labelling inventory.

Classification, labelling, packaging of chemicals

Details of chemical products that require additional or specific legislation.

Specific chemicals

Medicinal product safety

Legal framework for use of medical products in the EU, regulations on medicines and medical practices, EU expert groups, the European Medicines Agency, information for patients through the EU health portal. 

Medicinal products for human use

Legal framework for safety of veterinary products in the EU, veterinary health expert groups.

Medicinal products for veterinary use

Food safety

EU food and feed law, EU and international food safety measures, food and feed safety alert (RASFF) portal.


Safety requirements for goods in the EU market

Safety, labelling, packaging and marketing rules for products imported into the EU, technical standardisation and conformity rules, ecolabel rules, check what requirement your product needs.

Import of goods in the EU - technical requirements

The role of customs in maintaining safety, health and environmental requirements of products entering the EU.

EU customs controls and product safety

Requirements of EU trade agreements, types of agreements, details of current trade agreements.

Standards in EU trade agreements

International trade negotiations on goods and services, details of regional agreements, the EU's market access strategy for exporters. 

EU trade policy on goods