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EU labels

Quality marks for EU products, agricultural and fisheries logos, ecodesign, energy and environmental labels, chemical labelling. 

EU quality standards

CE marking- EU rules on CE markings, how to get a CE marking, rules and standards for importers and distributers.

CE mark in Europe -  Information on CE marking in EU countries, how to reproduce the CE mark.

Ecolabel -  News, updates and analysis of the EU's Ecolabel initiative, find products covered by the Ecolabel.

EU Ecolabel -  Products covered by the EU's Ecolabel initiative, criteria for establishing an Ecolabel, how to apply for an Ecolabel, application and annual fee rates. 

Energy labels

Energy efficient products - Requirements for energy efficient products, EU energy labelling and ecodesign rules, the EU's energy star programme. 

Energy labels - How products are labelled according to energy consumption, EU regulations on energy labelling, what products require energy labels, how to provide technical documentation, rules for distance selling.

Fish and food labelling

Labels for fish products - EU guides for food information and consumer labels, the Ecolabel for fish products, EU legislation for fisheries products.

Food labelling rules -  EU rules of food labelling and consumer information, health claims, natural products and supplements, regulations for specific food groups.

EMAS certification -  About the EU's eco-management and audit scheme (EMAS), EMAS requirements and benefits, EMAS for small businesses, national authorities issuing EMAS certificates.

EMAS eco-management and auditing scheme -  EMAs eco-management and auditing scheme 
Quality labels for agricultural products and foodstuffs
Labeling for chemicals

Quality labels for agricultural products and foodstuffs -  About EU logos for agricultural products, databases of products registered with EU quality labels, rules and initiatives on protecting agricultural products in the EU.

EU organic logo - About the EU organic logo, producing organic, rules, controls, international trade.

Chemical labelling

Labelling for chemicals- How to comply with the EU's classification, labelling and packaging regulation, how to classify chemicals, submitting a substance to the classification and labelling inventory.