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Departments and executive agencies

  • Directorate-general
  • AGRI

Agriculture and Rural Development

DG AGRI is responsible for the EU Commission's policies on agriculture, rural development and the common agricultural policy (CAP).

  • Directorate-general
  • BUDG


The European Commission's department for budget (DG BUDG) is responsible for managing the EU budget.

  • Directorate-general

Climate Action

This department leads the European Commission's efforts to fight climate change at EU and international level.

  • Directorate-general
  • COMM


The department for communication (DG COMM) is responsible for explaining EU policies to the public and informing the Commission on trends in public opinion

  • Directorate-general
  • COMP


The department for competition (DG COMP) is responsible for the EU Commission's policies on competition and antitrust law.

  • Service
  • DPO

Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer ensures, in an independent manner, that the European Commission correctly applies law protecting individuals’ personal data.

  • Directorate-general

Defence Industry and Space

This Commission department is responsible for EU policy on defence industry and space.

  • Directorate-general

Economic and Financial Affairs

DG ECFIN is responsible for the EU Commission's policies promoting economic growth, higher employment, stable public finances and financial stability.

  • Directorate-general
  • EAC

Education, Youth, Sport and Culture

This Directorate-General (DG EAC) is responsible for the EU Commission's policies on education, youth, sport and culture

  • Directorate-general
  • ENER


DG ENER is responsible for the EU Commission's policies on energy

  • Directorate-general
  • ENV


DG ENV is responsible for the EU Commission's policies on the environment.

  • Service
  • OLAF

European Anti-Fraud Office

The European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) investigates and prevents fraudulent use of EU funds. It also develops the European Commission's anti-fraud policy.

  • EU institution

European Commission Library

The Library and e-Resources Centre is an important source of information on EU policies, history and integration..

  • EU interinstitutional service
  • EUSA

European School of Administration

European School of Administration provides learning and development opportunities for EU institution staff.

  • Service
  • FPI

Foreign Policy Instruments

The service for foreign policy instruments (FPI) runs EU foreign policy actions and manages their financing.

  • Directorate-general

Health and Food Safety

DG SANTE is responsible for the EU Commission's policies on health and food safety.

  • Service

Historical Archives Service

The Historical Archives Service manages the archives of the European Commission and organisations that preceded it.

  • Directorate-general


The EU Commission's department for informatics (DG DIGIT) is responsible for digital infrastructure and services in the Commission.

  • Service
  • IAS

Internal Audit Service

The Internal Audit Service provides independent advice, opinions and recommendations on the quality and functioning of internal control systems inside the Commission, EU agencies and other autonomous bodies.

  • Directorate-general

International Partnerships

The department for International Partnerships (DG INTPA) is responsible for formulating the EU’s international partnership and development policy.

  • EU institution
  • SCIC


The department for interpretation (DG SCIC) is responsible for interpretation and organising conferences in the EU Commission.

  • Directorate-general
  • JRC

Joint Research Centre

The Joint Research Centre is the Commission's science and knowledge service

  • Directorate-general
  • JUST

Justice and Consumers

The department for justice (DG JUST) is responsible for the EU Commission's policies on justice, consumer rights and gender equality.

  • Service
  • SJ

Legal Service

The legal service gives legal advice to the EU Commission and its services and represents the Commission in court cases

  • Directorate-general
  • HOME

Migration and Home Affairs

The department for migration and home affairs (DG HOME) is responsible for the EU Commission's policies on citizenship, migration and home affairs.

  • Directorate-general
  • MOVE

Mobility and Transport

The department for mobility and transport (DG MOVE) is responsible for the EU Commission's policy on transport for private and professional purposes.

  • EU interinstitutional service
  • OP

Publications Office

The Publications Office produces and disseminates legal and general publications in a variety of paper and electronic formats

  • Service

Recovery and Resilience Task Force

In charge of coordinating the Recovery and Resilience Facility to help the European Union emerge from the coronavirus crisis.

  • Directorate-general

Regional and Urban Policy

The department for regional and urban policy (DG REGIO) is responsible for the EU Commission's policies on regions and cities.

  • Directorate-general
  • RTD

Research and Innovation

This Commission department is responsible for EU policy on research, science and innovation.

  • Service
  • SG


The Secretariat-General supports the Commission President and the whole Commission and is responsible for the overall coherence of the Commission’s work.

  • Directorate-general

Structural Reform Support

The Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support helps EU countries to design and implement reforms as part of their efforts to support job creation and sustainable growth.

  • Directorate-general

Taxation and Customs Union

DG TAXUD is responsible for the EU Commission's policies on taxation and customs.

  • EU institution


The department for trade (DG TRADE) is responsible for the European Commission's policies and agreements on trade with countries outside the EU.

  • Directorate-general
  • DGT


Directorate-General for Translation translates texts for the European Commission into and out of the EU's official languages.