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Institutional affairs

What the Commission is doing

There are 3 institutions mainly responsible for EU policy-making:

  • The Commission develops policy and proposes EU legislation.
  • It then negotiates its proposals with the European Parliament and Council of the EU
  • These institutions then adopt the legislation.

The Commission ensures that the laws are properly applied, opening infringement procedures against EU member countries if not.

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Key initiatives

EU strategy

The EU's overall political goals are developed collectively by its institutions. The Commission translates this strategy into policies and initiatives.


Proposed laws need to be agreed on by the Commission before they can be adopted by the European Parliament and Council, the EU's co-legislators.

Transparency register

Register your organisation or search the database to see what interests are being pursued, who by and with what budget.

Transparency at the European Commission

Consultations, registers of interest representatives, comitology committees and advisory expert groups, access to documents, and beneficiaries of EU funding.

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