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“Stop Brussels”: European Commission responds to Hungarian national consultation


Publication date
27 April 2017


In April 2017, the Hungarian government launched a national consultation of all Hungarian households, entitled «Stop Brussels», focusing on 6 specific issues.

Several of the claims and allegations made in the consultation are factually incorrect or highly misleading.

The European Commission would like to set the record straight – based on hard facts.


False claim: “Brussels wants to force us to abolish the reduction in public utility charges”

Truth: The Commission shares the Hungarian government’s objective to have affordable energy for households. The best way to achieve this is to establish competitive energy markets and promote energy efficiency and innovation and to work together at European level to ensure security of supply.


False claim: “Brussels wants to force Hungary to let in illegal immigrants”

Truth: The European Union is fighting irregular migration and is helping Member States to manage their external borders.


False claim: “Illegal immigrants heading to Hungary are encouraged to illegal acts by not just the human traffickers but also by some international organizations”

Truth: The European Union has zero tolerance for human trafficking and has taken action for many years to combat this exploitative crime.


False claim: “More and more organizations supported from abroad operate in Hungary with the aim to interfere in Hungarian internal affairs in a non-transparent manner”

Truth: The conditions under which Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) carry out their activities are in principle a matter of national law. The European Union, for its part, has strict rules on transparency and lobbying of the European institutions.


False claim: “Brussels is attacking our job-creating measures”

Truth: Neither the Commission, nor the European Union, is attacking Hungarian job-creating policies.


False claim: “Brussels is attacking our country because of tax cuts”

Truth: The European Commission does not interfere in national taxation policies, nor does it propose to do so. EU taxation rules must be agreed by all Member States unanimously, which means all current rules were approved by the Hungarian government.


27 APRIL 2017
“Stop Brussels”: European Commission responds to Hungarian national consultation
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