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7 June 2024

Apply for management positions at the European Commission

Closed applications

Director-General DG HOME in Brussels (AD15)–– COM/2024/10449

Director for Sustainability in Brussels (AD14)– AGRI.B – COM/2024/10448

Deputy Chief Executive of the European Investment Fund (EIF) - Luxembourg - COM/2024/20098

Director “Multilateral Affairs, Strategy, Analysis, Evaluation” in Brussels (AD14) – TRADE.A – COM/2024/10447

Chief Technology Officer in DG COMP (grade AD14 – Temporary Agent) – COM/2024/10446

Chief Competition Economist in DG COMP (grade AD14 – Temporary Agent) – COM/2024/10445

Head of Representation in Warsaw, Poland – (Grade AD 14)– COM/2024/10444

Director for Business and trade statistics in Luxembourg (AD14)– ESTAT.G – COM/2024/10443

Director for Government Finance Statistics (AD14) - ESTAT - (Luxembourg) - COM/2023/10442

Director for Macro-economic statistics (AD14) ESTAT-C - COM/2023/10441

Director of Digital Excellence and Science Infrastructure (DG CNECT.C) – (Grade AD 14)– COM/2023/10440

Director of CERT-EU (DG DIGIT) – (Grade AD 14)– COM/2023/10439

Hors Classe Adviser “EU SME Envoy” – (Temporary Agent - grade AD 15) – COM/2023/20097

Principal Adviser for Emerging Donors (DG INTPA) – (Grade AD 14)– COM/2023/10438

Principal Adviser “G7 and G20 Sustainable Development Agendas” (AD14) - COM-2023-10437

Principal Adviser for HR Strategic Foresight and Innovation – (Grade AD 14) – COM/2023/10436

Directorate-General for Interpretation Publication of a vacancy for the function of Deputy Director-General (Grade AD 15) COM/2023-10435

Deputy Director-General CLIMA– (Grade AD 15)– COM/2023/10434

Head of Representation in Bulgaria, Sofia – (Grade AD 14) – COM/2023/10433

Director for Government Finance Statistics in Luxembourg (AD14)– ESTAT.D – COM/2023/10432

Head of Unit “Investigations & Analysis” (HR.DS.2) - (Temporary Agent – grade AD13) - COM/2023/10431

Head of Representation in Zagreb, Croatia (Temporary Agent – grade AD13) - COM/2023/10430

Director for Planning, Finance and Digital Solutions (grade AD14) – GROW.B – COM/2023/10429

Vacancy notice: Deputy Director-General DG DEFIS (grade AD15)– COM/2023/10428

Vacancy notice: Chief Competition Economist in DG COMP (grade AD14 – Temporary Agent) – COM/2023/10427

Vacancy notice: Director for Expenditure (grade AD14) – BUDG.A – COM/2023/10426

Vacancy notice: Director “Digital Transformation” – DIGIT.A – COM/2023/10425

Vacancy notice : Chief Technology Officer in DG COMP – COM/2023/10424

Vacancy notice: Director “International Ocean Governance and Sustainable fisheries” (grade AD14) – MARE.B – COM/2023/10423

Selection of temporary staff for DG HR, Head of Unit for Protection and Operations - COM/TA/HR/HoU/23/AD13/BRUSSELS

Vacancy notice Deputy Director-General for Informatics (grade AD15) – DIGIT - COM/2022/10422

Director for General Affairs (grade AD14) - ECHO.E - COM/2022/10421

Selection of temporary staff for DG BUDG, Adviser - COM/TA/ADV/DG BUDG/22/AD13/LUX

Director for Standards, Dissemination, Cooperation in the European Statistical System (ESTAT.B) - COM/2022/10420

3 Directors Resources in DG INTPA/SANTE/TRADE - COM/2022/10419

Member of the Regulatory Scrutiny Board (Principal Adviser) - COM/2022/10418

Selection of temporary staff for DG COMM.B.ADV01, Adviser - COM/TA/COMM/ADV/2022/AD13/BRUSSELS

Director General for HERA - COM/2022/10417

Director for HR for Specific Sites & Services (HR.E) - COM/2022/10416

Director for Workplace & Wellbeing (HR.D) - COM/2022/10415

Director for Production of Publications (OP.B) – COM/2022/10414

Director of the Office for Infrastructure and Logistics (OIL) – COM/2022/10413

Director for Disaster Preparedness and Prevention (ECHO.B) – COM/2022/10412