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Logotip Europske komisije

European Commission visual identity

This page is to help partner organisations and contractors of the European Commission understand how to use the European Commission's logo and visual identity.

The visual identity gives the European Commission a recognisable and coherent image. A full manual on the visual identity is available below. This establishes the basic principles to be applied to the entire range of communication products.

The visual identity is constructed around the European Commission's logo. This logo is based on 2 key elements: the European flag and a graphic element inspired by the headquarters of the European Commission.


The logo of the European Commission may be used by third parties only if:

  • permission is requested and granted before the logo is used
  • there is no likelihood of the user of the logo being confused with the European Commission
  • it is not used in connection with objectives or activities which are incompatible with the aims and principles of the European Commission
  • it is not used to imply or suggest unintended endorsement or promotion of the objectives and activities of the user of the logo by the European Commission

Request permission

To request permission for the use of the European Commission's logo, please email the unit responsible for visual identity.

Download the logo

The European Commission logo can be downloaded in all its variations. Please note that inappropriate and/or unauthorised use of logos can lead to legal consequences. 

All zip files contain 3 versions of the logo (4-colour, pantone and black and white).


Standard European Commission logo, positive versions

EC logo example - standard version

Horizontal European Commission logos

EC logo example - horizontal version



18 SRPANJ 2016
Visual Identity Manual
(15.68 MB - PDF)

18 SRPANJ 2016
Uporaba amblema EU-a u kontekstu programa EU-a za razdoblje 2021.–2027.
(1.03 MB - PDF)

18 SRPANJ 2016
For partner organisations on the use of the logo of the European Commission
(538.74 KB - PDF)

18 SRPANJ 2016
Acceptance form for use of the "EC Square Sans Pro" font
(46.21 KB - PDF)

18 SRPANJ 2016
Application of the European Commission's visual identity on studies and publications
(38.79 KB - PDF)