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Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

EU and national activities in promoting CSR, improving environmental standards in business.

CSR policies and initiatives

Networks and organisations helping businesses engage in CSR activities, socially-responsible investment, CSR management initiatives.


Review of CSR policies and initiatives in EU countries, EU studies of CSR activities. 

CSR in the EU 
How the European Commission defines CSR, guidelines and principles in establishing CSR, Commission Strategy on CSR, documents and statistics.

European Commission Strategy on CSR

Environmental initiatives for businesses

About the EU's eco-management and audit scheme (EMAS), EMAS requirements and benefits, EMAS for small businesses, national authorities issuing EMAS certificates.

Apply for EMAS certification

EMAS governance, EMAS in the European institutions, sign-up for EMAS, publications and statistics, find EMAS-registered organisations. 

EMAS, an environmental policy audit system for organisations

Part of companies' CSR involves meeting environmental product requirements. The scope of CSR, however, extends well beyond these requirements alone.

EU product requirements

The EU's sustainable development policy, global trade and sustainable development, international partners, sustainable development criteria and CSR in individual trade agreements, impact and sustainability assessments of trade deals.

Trade policy and sustainable development