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What we do - communications networks, content and technology

Mission statement of the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (Connect)

Mission statement

Connect develops and implements policies to make Europe fit for the digital age.

We invest in research, innovation, deployment and uptake of trustworthy and green digital technologies that improve our economy and people’s lives.

Through funding, legislation and policy initiatives, we help ensure European leadership and independence in critical digital technologies (such as Artificial Intelligence, Common Data Spaces, high-performance computing, 5G, micro-electronics, blockchain and quantum).

We work towards making Europe a global leader in the data economy and in cybersecurity. We foster the internal market where all companies can invest and compete on equal terms, develop, market and use digital technologies, products and services and where the rights of creators and consumers are respected. We work on the deployment of very high-speed networks to all companies and households, as connectivity is key for digital transformation. We promote the EU’s human-centric model of an innovative, fair and sustainable digital transformation of society, which respects our democratic values, our fundamental rights and cultural diversity. We help bridge the digital divide by supporting digital literacy and skills of EU citizens.


Departments    Communications Networks, Content and Technology