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Annual EU budget 2018

The documents related to the adoption, implementation and accounting of the 2018 EU annual budget.

The availability of the following documents for a particular budget year depends on how far procedures have been completed. See also:


Information on the procedure and the timing for the adoption of the annual budget and the amendments during its implementation.


Adopted budget

Adopted budget 2018
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Draft budget

Statement of estimates 2018

Statement of estimates of the European Commission for the financial year 2018 (Preparation of the 2018 Draft Budget).

Working documents 2018

The documents accompanying the 2018 draft budget including programme statements, information on expenditure and revenue of the EU bodies, etc.

Amending letters

Amending letter No 1/2018

This letter updates estimated needs, assigned revenue, appropriations, impact of new initiatives, and other adjustments and technical corrections.

Mobilisation of the special instruments


Amending budgets

Use of budgetary allocations

Accounting and reporting

Integrated Financial and Accountability Reporting

Analysis of the budgetary implementation of the Structural and Investment Funds

Annual Management and Performance Report

Financial Report

Annual accounts

Annual accounts 2018

Consolidated annual accounts of the European Union and financial statement for 2018.

Report on budgetary and financial management