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Лого на Европейската комисия

EU and EDF annual accounts


Дата на публикуване
23 юли 2021
Свързано ведомство
Directorate-General for Budget


Consolidated EU annual accounts

The Consolidated annual accounts of the European Union contain financial information on the activities of the year, the assets and liabilities, the revenue and expenditure of the institutions, agencies and other bodies of the EU. They are produced in accordance with International Public Sector Accounting Standards.

EDF accounts

The European Development Fund (‘EDF’) is the main instrument for providing aid for development cooperation to the African, Caribbean and Pacific States and Overseas Countries and Territories. The 8th to 11th EDF programmes are not funded by the EU budget but were established by an Internal Agreement of the Representatives of the Member States. As from 2021, the EDF programmes will be included in the EU multi-annual financial framework (MFF) and thus be subject to the EU financial regulations in the same way as other EU funding programmes.