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News article25 January 2023Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support

Four financial supervisor national authorities ready to enhance the supervisory capacity in the field of sustainability

The European Commission kicked-off today with the financial supervisor national authorities of Croatia, Malta, Poland, and Romania a new Technical Support Instrument (TSI) multi-country project, which will provide technical support on supervisory capacity enhancement in Sustainable Finance. 

The project is implemented through funding by the European Union through the Technical Support Instrument, in cooperation with the European Commission Directorate General for Structural Reform Support.

The project will seek to contribute to institutional, administrative, and growth-sustaining structural reforms in the four participating jurisdictions, by assisting national authorities to improve their capacity to design, develop and implement reforms, specifically by enhancing supervisory capacity in the field of sustainable finance. The multi-country format will allow for a tailor-made approach that considers national specificities, whilst harmonizing common aspects.

This project is expected to enable the competent national authorities to continue strengthening their capacity to develop and implement reforms in the area of EU sustainability disclosure and reporting regime, while supporting supervisory convergence among competent authorities in the implementation of this framework.

Press items from the beneficiary authorities: