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News article14 March 2022Brussels

The Commission is launching the Investors Dialogue on Energy

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The Investors Dialogue on Energy is a new initiative launched by the Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy. Its objective is to facilitate investments in energy projects that can contribute to achieving the ambitious climate and energy goals of the European Green Deal. 

The Investors Dialogue on Energy aims to establish a forum of energy and financial experts who are dedicated to discuss and find solutions to investment barriers for energy projects, making practical recommendations on how to address them. The dialogue will be structured around 5 different segments of the energy value chain. A Working Group will be dedicated for each one of these topics, as listed below:

  • energy production
  • transmission and distribution
  • energy storage
  • heating and cooling
  • services and prosumers

Stakeholders who are interested in joining one or more of these Working Groups are welcome to apply by completing the online application form by 10 April 2022, 23:59pm CET.

Once established, the Investors Dialogue on Energy will help assess existing energy financing schemes and propose upgrades for them. Where feasible and needed, it will also develop proposals for pilot financial instruments, programmes or investment products, steer technical assistance and prepare suggestions for modifications to financial or other rules affecting investment in energy at EU and national level.

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Publication date
14 March 2022