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Twinning activities for Roma integration

Twinnings are developed with local and regional authorities in order to lead concrete measures in Roma integration locally and encouraging the development of a EU wider network.

Roma in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is the capital and largest city of the Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine (ACAL) region in eastern France and is the seat of the European Parliament.

Since 1989, people from central and eastern Europe have come to live in Strasbourg, including Roma people.

Main challenges

The key challenges for Roma integration in Strasbourg are:

  • housing 
  • employment
  • social integration

The city of Strasbourg has devised a strategy for Roma inclusion, including the creation of two new spaces – ‘Rempart’ and ‘Hoche’ – dedicated to social integration.

As a partner in the for Roma, with Romainitiative, the municipality hopes to work on volunteering, vocational training and the empowerment of young Roma people.