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News article19 February 2021BrusselsDirectorate-General for Structural Reform Support

The Technical Support Instrument (TSI) enters into force

After months of intense work and negotiations, the new (TSI) regulation was published in the Official Journal on 18 February, entering into force on 19 February.

The TSI is the main EU funding programme providing technical support to EU Member States to support them in their reform agendas. As part of NextGenerationEU (NextGenEU), it can also be used by Member States for the development and implementation of their Recovery and Resilience plans.

The TSI takes over from the Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP) – with an increased budget of €864.4 million for the period 2021-2027.

Thanks to the dedication of the co-legislators in the Parliament and Council and the hard work of many colleagues in the Commission, this new instrument is now a reality.

DG REFORM welcomes the new regulation. Our support to reforms and capacity building in Member States continues strong. Together, through reforms, we will help ensuring recovery, resilience and growth.

Check out the new regulation



Publication date
19 February 2021
Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support