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European Forum on the rights of the child

The European Commission works on children's rights in collaboration with a European Forum and two expert groups.

The Commission will monitor the implementation of the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child at EU and national level, and report on the progress at the annual European Forum on the rights of the child. The Forum empowers children as active citizens, who are fully embedded in the Forum programme and discussions. The Forum also brings together a wide range of stakeholders: EU countries' representatives; ombudspersons for children; representatives of EU institutions; the Council of Europe  and other international organisations; NGOs, academics and practitioners. 


14th European Forum on the rights of the child

This Forum will be dedicated to “Bringing children at the centre: Empowering, protecting and including children”. As the first forum since the adoption of the EU Strategy on the rights of the child in March 2021, it will give the opportunity of monitoring and reporting on progress made under the EU Strategy, while exchanging on new developments and initiatives. A special focus will be given to child participation, children in conflicts, prevention from violence, with a specific attention to consult on integrated child protection. The impact on children’s rights of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, and the EU child protection response will also be discussed.

Forum website:14th European Forum on the rights of the child

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