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Expert group on European insurance contract law

Expert group

On 17 January 2013 the Commission set up an expert group on European Insurance Contract law

The role of the expert group was to assist the Commission by

  • identifying differences in national contract laws
  • determining to what extent these differences pose an obstacle to cross-border trade in insurance products
  • identifying the specific products and areas of insurance law most likely to be affected by such obstacles

Final Report

Comparative law tables

The expert group prepared comparative law tables on how key areas of insurance contract law are regulated in their respective EU countries.

25 OKTOBER 2017
Definition of an insurance contract
(510.1 KB - PDF)
Ladda ner
25 OKTOBER 2017
Pre-contractual information
(518.38 KB - PDF)
Ladda ner
25 OKTOBER 2017
Conclusion and form of the contract
(390.72 KB - PDF)
Ladda ner

Composition of the Group

The members of the Expert Group were selected following a call for applications. The group is composed of specialists with outstanding competence in the area of insurance contract law. Members include

  • insurance companies or organisations of insurance providers
  • consumers and businesses who are users of insurance products
  • representatives of legal professions and/or academia

The expert group represents a balance in terms of interests, geographical origin, experience and gender.