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Stronger trust fostered by better and more effective procedures

Stronger trust fostered by better and more effective procedures

Fast, integrated procedures will ensure clearer responsibilities, helping restore trust between Member States.

Benefits of good migration management and asylum procedures

Certainty and protection for migrants and refugees

Efficient operation of the system

Credible application of rules

New integrated procedure at the border

New screening

Irregular arrival - Apprehension within territory

  • Identification
  • Health and security check
  • Individual assessment
  • Human right monitoring

Location is flexible (can also take place in other locations)

Negative decision likely
(Security risk)

Positive decision likely
(unaccompanied children and families)

Border asylum procedureNormal asylum procedure
Unsuccessful claim for international protectionSuccessful claim for international protection

New screening for anyone arriving irregularly to direct them into the right procedure

Seamless system for arrival to either return or integration

Legal guarantees and a monitoring system to ensure full respect of rights from beginning to end of the process

Investment in good asylum procedures and in effective returns

Asylum law reforms proposed in 2016 to be adopted: stronger rights, more efficiency

New EU Agency for Asylum for monitoring and guidance

Improved IT system (Eurodac) to support screening, asylum and return processes

Set of new tools on returns:

  • more support from Frontex
  • newly appointed EU Returns Coordinator and a High Level Network coordinating national action
  • sustainable return and reintegration strategy to help countries of origin

Adjusted rules on responsibility for asylum claims

  • Rules on which Member State is responsible for every asylum seeker adjusted:
    • People with a diploma from a Member State to remain there
    • Siblings to be reunited in the same Member State
    • Closing loopholes encouraging people to attempt to abscond during the procedure
  • Recognised refugees to benefit from free movement after 3 years (now 5)

Confidence in EU rules: monitoring of and support to national authorities

  • European monitoring of national systems to ensure consistency on the ground: Commission, peer reviews by other Member States, Frontex vulnerability assessments, new EU Agency for Asylum monitoring
  • Special monitoring of effective access to asylum and respect for fundamental rights by Member States and the Fundamental Rights Agency
  • Fully-fledged EU Agency for Asylum offering stronger support, more support from Frontex



Factsheet: New Pact on Migration and Asylum
(8.49 MB - PDF)