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Twinning activities for Roma integration

Twinnings are developed with local and regional authorities in order to lead concrete measures in Roma integration locally and encouraging the development of a EU wider network.

Roma in Torrent

Torrent is a city within the metropolitan area of Valencia and has a population of 85,000 with an estimated 5000 Roma. Of all the Roma living in Spain, 8% live in the Comunidad Valenciana.

In the city’s Xenillet district, Roma account for 40% of the residents. About half of the Roma population in this neighbourhood have not completed their primary education, 25% are illiterate. One of the main challenges is to generate interest in new technologies in the Roma community.

The social situation of the area is diverse and the community is in the process of transformation.

The city of Torrent has been working to improve the integration, employment, and education of the Roma. Yet the quality of life of the Roma population has not improved significantly.

Torrent wants to work with twinning partners to develop concrete plans to bring Roma and non-Roma together and to address discrimination.