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Twinning activities for Roma integration

Twinnings are developed with local and regional authorities in order to lead concrete measures in Roma integration locally and encouraging the development of a EU wider network.

Roma in Košice-Šaca

Košice-Šaca is Slovakia's second city, in the eastern part of the country close to the Hungarian border. Košice-Šaca is a district of Košice city. It has about 5,300 inhabitants, of which 1,200 residents are Roma. The Roma live in a block of flats in the city centre.

Main challenges

Košice-Šaca is home to US Steel and many Roma work or have worked there in the past. However, even those who have work still live in poverty with a low level of education and employment, poor housing conditions, and limited access to healthcare.

In 2011, the municipality joined with the US Steel company to create the local Community Education Centre, with support from the Roma Education Fund and the European Social Fund (ESF).

The municipality is keen to work with twinning partners to help to integrate, activate and mobilise residents of the Roma community.