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Bistrita County

Twinnings are developed with local and regional authorities in order to lead concrete measures in Roma inclusion locally and encouraging the development of a EU wider network.

Challenges for Roma integration

Bistrita-Nasaud county in Romania counts a population of 328,000 inhabitants, out of which 11,937 people declared themselves as Roma.

The Roma living in Bistrita-Nasaud County have: 

  • a low educational attainment and literacy rates
  • limited access to healthcare
  • high unemployment rates 
  • poor housing conditions with limited access to basic utilities

Since 2010, Bistrita-Nasaud County has put in place both national and local strategies for Roma inclusion in the areas of:

  • education 
  • employment 
  • healthcare 
  • housing

The county wants to use the for Roma, with Roma programme to learn about good practices and to develop an action plan to support Roma integration locally. It wants to focus in particular on education for Roma and training of community leaders.