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Sustainable Consumption Pledge

Voluntary cooperation with businesses to increase the sustainability of production and consumption, thereby complementing other regulatory actions.

What is the pledge?

The Commission is inviting companies to take a voluntary pledge to support sustainable consumption, beyond what is required by law.

This initiative is part of the New Consumer Agenda. A pilot was launched in January 2021, and several companies (including small businesses) have already taken the pledge.

By taking the pledge, your company commits to the first point below and at least one of the others:

  1. identify your carbon footprint and reduce it by setting targets that can be measured and checked in the coming years
  2. identify your environmental footprint (which relates to other environmental indicators, such as impacts related to water, air, resources, land use and toxicity) and reduce it (e.g. through awarding your products with the EU Ecolabel, or increasing the visibility of EU Ecolabel products)
  3. increase ‘circularity’ in your activities  (e.g. use more recycled or sustainably-sourced material, generate less waste, lower energy consumption in production processes)
  4. respect social sustainability across your company’s supply chain (e.g. describe internal processes that ensure sustainable production, register your products with recognised labels)

The guidelines on how to apply give more details on the commitments when taking the pledge.

What companies can take the pledge?

Companies of all sizes that manufacture non-food products or provide services (including retailers).

They need to be either based in the EU or able to show significant activity in the EU.

Food companies are encouraged to join the Code of Conduct for responsible business and marketing practices.

How to apply

Until February 2024, your company may choose to:

  1. Apply under the Sustainable Consumption Pledge or
  2. Apply under the Green Consumption Pledge, by using the following working document, and sending your application to

The Commission regularly reviews applications made and will contact eligible companies to finalise their pledge. Pledges that are in line with the ambition of this initiative are then published below.

Pledging companies

Companies who have successfully pledged are published below.

Companies publish their progress in meeting their pledge commitments at least once a year.

CompaniesDate of pledgePledgeProgress report
CeconomyApril 2021Green Consumption Pledge by CeconomyProgress report by Ceconomy
EngieApril 2021Green Consumption Pledge by EngieProgress report by Engie
Erste GroupApril 2021Green Consumption Pledge by Erste GroupProgress report by Erste Group
H&M GroupApril 2021Green Consumption Pledge by H&M GroupProgress report by H&M Group
PhilipsApril 2021Green Consumption Pledge by PhilipsProgress report by Philips
Vėjo projektai (Dancer Bus)April 2021Green Consumption Pledge by Vėjo projektai (Dancer Bus)To be published
Colruyt GroupJanuary 2021Green Consumption Pledge by Colruyt GroupProgress report by Colruyt Group
DecathlonJanuary 2021Green Consumption Pledge by DecathlonProgress report by Decathlon
L’OréalJanuary 2021Green Consumption Pledge by L’OréalProgress report by L'Oreal
LEGO GroupJanuary 2021Green Consumption Pledge by LEGOProgress report by LEGO
RenewdJanuary 2021Green Consumption Pledge by RenewdProgress report by Renewd


The Pilot phase of the Pledge (“Green Consumption Pledge”) was launched in January 2021; it focused on carbon emissions identification and reduction, and led to the selection of 11 pledging companies, announced as part of two events:

25 January 2021: Pilot phase launch event

10 June 2021: 6 additional companies take the pledge

The Pledge then evolved to keep the focus on carbon footprint identification and reduction, and to also call companies to commit to other aspects of sustainability. Hence its change of name to "Sustainable Consumption Pledge". 

Other EU initiatives

The Pledge speeds up businesses’ contribution to the European Green Deal and complements upcoming laws on sustainable production, consumption and corporate governance. It also complements other voluntary sustainability initiatives:

European Climate Pact - the Climate Pact is a movement that allows people, communities, cities and organisations to participate in action to tackle climate change across Europe. Part of the European Green Deal, it offers the opportunity to share information, debate and start change.

EU Green Digital Coalition - this is a group of ICT companies committed to supporting the green and digital transformation of the EU.

EU Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact – for data centre operators.