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Anja Hazekamp

Anja Hazekamp


Anja Hazekamp, Member of European Parliament (Vice-Chair of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health & Food Safety, Vice- Chair of the Inquiry Committee on Animal Transport, Member of the Committee on Fisheries, Member of the Committee on Agriculture & Rural Development, President of the parliamentary Intergroup on Welfare and Conservation of Animals)

Anja Hazekamp is a biologist and animal advocate. She is a Member of the European Parliament since 2014, representing the Dutch Party for the Animals.

Before her election, she worked as a researcher at the Department for Lab Animal Issues at the university of Leiden and Utrecht, studying the health and welfare of genetically engineered animals. She also worked as a senior policy advisor for several animal welfare NGO’s and animal rescue centres, such as the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals, the Seal Rehabilitation and Rescue Centre and AAP Animal Advocacy and Protection.

For over 30 years, she has been campaigning to end cages and to stop animal transport. She visited several exit ports, harbours and airports to investigate the animal transport process.

The start of Anja's political career was in 2007, when she was elected in the Provincial Council for the Party for the Animals, a political party not focusing on the short term interests of humans, but on the entire planet and all its inhabitants instead. In 2012 Anja also served as a Member of the Dutch Parliament.

She has been a Member of the European Parliament since 2014. In 2018 she was one of the initiators of the special committee on Pesticides and in 2019 she initiated the recently established Inquiry Committee Animal Transport. In 2020 Anja was appointed as the ENVI-rapporteur for the EU Farm to Fork Strategy.