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Andrea Kohl



Dr. Andrea Kohl, Acting Director, WWF European Policy Office, Brussels

Andrea Kohl joined the WWF European Policy Office (EPO) in 2006 as Programme Director and later also Deputy Director. Since November 2017, she is EPO’s acting Director and thus the main spokesperson and representative for WWF in Brussels. EPO represents the WWF network towards the EU institutions, with the aim of influencing regulatory and policy decisions in Brussels and the Member States to support conservation and environmental protection.

Within the WWF network governance she is member of the International Food Practice Leadership Team.

Before joining the EPO, Andrea acted as Director of Conservation and member of the management team at WWF Germany, responsible for the development and implementation of the national and international programmes as well as the management of teams in the various local hubs of WWF Germany. 

Andrea holds a Ph. D. in Agricultural Chemistry and a Diploma of Agronomy and Soils Sciences of Bonn University, as well as a Master’s in Agronomy from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, US. She is of German nationality.